Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UV mapping in Blender

OK, so before today I had pretty much no idea how to do UV mapping. I think I was out sick that day in 3D max class. I think it's like the 7 times tables- I never really learned them properly after I was out sick that day. So I followed a UV mapping tutorial I found on http://www.elysium.com. The tutorial as I have it saved doesn't list an author, so if you're the author and these are your textures, I apologize, I would credit you if I knew who you were.

Also I got lazy on the ground because I didn't want to find a good dirt texture. Ah well. Just wanted to do this to learn UV mapping, so I could apply textures to my horsey. If I manage to start doing that today, I might post again!


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Cynthea said...

I have no idea what UV mapping its, but this looks cool. If you ever need textures, there's a really good site with textures you can use for free.



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